Unmatched Quality and Service
Specializing in metal and various other substrates
Proudly Serving Portland Since 1985
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  • Screen Printing Portland OR

    We are Portland's premier screen printing company. We have many years of experience printing a wide variety of materials. Whether flat stock or some odd configuration, we can probably print it. Metal, Plastics, Wood, Glass or whatever else. Give us a call at 503.288.9434

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  • Metal Screen Printing Portland OR

    Metal screen printing is one of our unique specialties and is one of our most commonly used substrates.

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  • Plastic and Acrylic Screen Printing Portland OR

    Plastic and Acrylic screen printing are some the most versatile substrates we can print on due to large variety of types and shapes they offer.

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  • Glass Screen Printing Portland OR

    Glass screen printing can be very tricky to get quality results that last, luckily we are your local experts.

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  • Wood Screen Printing Portland OR

    Wood screen printing can provide you a natural look that few other substrates can offer. From fine wood to untouched drift wood we got you covered!

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  • Sign, Banner, and Poster Screen Printing Portland OR

    Sign, Banner and Poster Screen Printing is our bread and butter. Nothing helps your business to stand out quite like a sign, banner or poster!

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  • Decal and Sticker Screen Printing Portland OR

    Whether you need a couple stickers made for a small project or you need a large quantity of stickers fast, we are here to help!

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  • Direct to Wall Screen Printing Portland OR

    Direct to wall screen printing is one of our favorite types of projects and can be applied in just about any size or substrate you can image. Click below to learn more.

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  • Promotional Screen Printing Portland OR

    Promotional Product screen printing can help your products stand out like few other options, we can help you create some truly amazing promotional items.

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  • Museum and Visitor Center Screen Printing Portland OR

    Museum and Visitor Center screen printing is one of our personal favorites. If you are looking for permanent display options with unsurpassed quality and superior skill then you have come to the right place!

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  • Techinical Screen Printing Portland OR

    From Instrument panels to OEM parts our technical screen printing services can provide you amazing detail, durability and professionalism you need. Please click below for more details.

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  • This and That Screen Printing Portland OR

    We can screen print on just about any object or substrate that you can imagine, bring in any object you have and we will take care of the rest!

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Custom Screen Printing Professionals
Specializing in odd shapes and substrates

Located in Portland, Oregon, DC Custom Silkscreening has been providing our customers with quality printing and unmatched service since 1985. We are very sensitive to our customer’s needs and deadlines. We take great pride in our old-school talents in conjunction with our understanding of today’s market demands. Big or small sized parts or projects, let us help you.